Bruce on the Loose

That's when I noticed another man taking pictures of the bald man in front of me with his cell phone.

I believe it was last year, at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert at the Los Angeles Forum Stadium, when I unexpectedly ran into a celebrity.

If you've ever been to a concert, you know how hot it gets. So I went downstairs to a small convenience store where they sold huge drinks. I got in line behind this older man who was bald and was wearing a hat and was short compared with me, a six-foot, three-inch monster.

Well, the line eventually moved up to the point where the bald man in front of me was the only person ahead of me. That's when I noticed another man taking pictures of the bald man in front of me with his cell phone. Now, this other man had the biggest grin I had ever seen. It was almost as though he had just won the lottery. He kept muttering, "I can't believe it's him!"

I thought to myself, What's so special about this guy in front of me, huh? I was about to walk around to the man's front to see his face when he turned around. I was literally star-struck. Bruce Willis was standing a foot away from me.

I had always believed that hell would freeze over before I would ever meet a movie star face to face. I had a strong urge to shake his hand, but I noticed Mr. Willis seemed unhappy about his discovery among the crowd, so I left him alone. He walked away nodding to the people who noticed him and disappeared around the corner.

From that point on, I've always been on the lookout for more stars. I unconsciously believed my run-in with Bruce Willis somehow turned me into a movie star magnet, which was stupid. However, a year later I met a cast member of NBC's _Heroes_ at my aunt's surprise birthday party.

I believe I will meet more stars in the future. And who knows? Maybe all those run-ins will lead to _my_ stardom!


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