John Belushi and Spiderman

He picked up a T-square and did his samurai bit.

I was captain of the Marvel softball team back in the late '70s. We had a book called _What if Spiderman...,_
and in every issue Spiderman teamed up with others and had adventures. We did an issue titled _What if Spiderman Teamed Up with the Not Ready for Prime-Time Players._

Well, I was at the elevator at 575 Madison Avenue in Manhattan, ready to take the team over to Central Park, when off steps John Belushi with a copy of the Spiderman book in his hands.

"Where's Jim Shooter?" he asks me. So I take him into the bullpen, and he was just so cool! He picked up a T-square and did his samurai bit. He commiserated with Jim and the other editors about how hard it was to constantly produce great creative work. He hung out and joked around with us for about an hour.

I'm pretty sure we forfeited the game that night. Didn't matter. We didn't win one game that summer. But we did get to hang out with John Belushi for a while--and that, my friends, is something very, very special.


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