Anthony Michael Hall Has a Nice Bathtub

Mike, could I take a bath? "Uh, sure."

In light of the passing of John Hughes, the Anthony Michael Hall oeuvre has been at the fore. It reminded me of--what was it, 1991? 1992? It was definitely before I ever had a real job.

I was a bartender at Terra Blues, a club on Bleecker St. in New York. Mr. Hall--Mike, as he was introduced--had come in. This wasn't geeky, cute Anthony Michael Hall, screaming "Jake!" underneath a glass coffee table. This was a sort of 'roided, mature "I'm the dick in _Edward Scissorhands"_ Anthony Michael Hall.

Mike was friends with one of the guitar players. If I remember this right, he was trying to make music, had a very bad demo, and was clearly in love with his drum machine. I was friends with the guitar player, too, and we did what people did way back when. We hung out after hours. After too many beers. And no one had a BlackBerry or cell phone, for that matter. At least I didn't.

So we end up back at Mike's place. Me, the guitar player, the drummer, Mike, and his friend, who I believe was a stewardess--really--and was not winning any prizes at the science fair, if you catch my drift. We get the "mi casa es su casa" speech from our gracious host, and I think I helped myself to some cold cuts in the fridge while the others listened to music. But honestly, all I really wanted to do after work--you could still smoke in 1991--was take a shower.

So I decide to see if he's for real on the whole "while you're here you're family" stuff and go into the bathroom, and there is a really, really nice bathtub with all of these cool bubble baths. I had a very rusty shower stall back then in my 175-square-foot apartment, and Mike's tub just looked so inviting, so shiny and porcelain and, well...Mike, could I take a bath? "Uh, sure."

I locked the door and ran a hot tub and poured all of this crazy blue bubble bath into it so I looked like I was swimming in an airplane bathroom toilet. And I sunk down into it thinking, I'm taking a freakin' bath in Anthony Michael Hall's tub. The kid from the _The Breakfast Club_ and _Weird Science,_ both of which I could recite front to back with my sister.

And all I can think is, you know, he's a totally shitty musician (drum machine, drum machine), and a kind of uneven actor (this was before _Dead Zone,_ where he nailed that limp). But he's a pretty good guy.


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