Wait, Was That...?

"I have got to get a picture of you guys! You're so cool!" he exclaimed.

What better way to spend my summer vacation than to dress up as a ranger from one of my favorite computer games and go to "Comic-Con":http://www.ew.com/ew/package/0,,20213067,00.html for five days straight in San Diego?

There is nothing better, of course! My party and I donned our armor, weapons, and the crazy personas that we dust off every July and brought a little of the Forgotten Realms to the Con.

The funny thing about being a group of five girls who are all dressed up as various characters that can kill in several different ways? One gets a bit of attention.

We found that we could not go far without having our picture taken 15 to 50 times in the span of a few seconds, so we found ways to hide in dark corners--such as behind fake plants by the escalator--and eat our meager fare during lunch breaks: crackers, fruit packs, and granola bars. When one spends all one's money on costume pieces, gas, and the Comic-Con tickets themselves, one learns to condense the cost on everything else, like personal hygiene, manners, and food.

We had had an interesting few days, which included being stopped by some delectable Czechoslovakian men who asked a passerby taxi driver to take a picture with them and "the chickens." Apparently _chicks_ translated interestingly in their language.

Anyway, we were just rising from a quick bite when a small man with the most ruby-red hair I have ever seen comes speeding by, stops, turns back, and comes up to us with a passion.

"I have _got_ to get a picture of you guys! You're so cool!" he exclaimed. Since my costume involved a mask and a large hat, and I didn't have contact lenses in, I was pretty much blind. But I knew there was something about that guy. We all posed, and he took a few shots of us. One of my friends and I exchanged glances, but we didn't say anything.

"Thank you guys so much!! I love your costumes," he said enthusiastically, then took off at a run. Apparently, he was late for a Robot Chicken panel. That's what we reasoned when we figured out that Seth Green had just taken a picture of us! We were beating ourselves up about the fact we didn't ask for his picture since he took ours. No, you're cool, Mr. Green! Ah, well! This year we have another go....

Comic-Con is the place to be if one wishes to meet the people who are "all that" in the entertainment industry!


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