The Hug

She replied, "Give me a hug."

On a snowy day during the primary, I decided to attend the appearance of the candidate's wife here in my hometown in New Hampshire. There was very limited seating in the room, and I was given a front-row seat because I was on crutches.

I waited anxiously, hoping that the speaker would not be late, as I had to go to work. Unfortunately, by the time she arrived, I was able to hear her for only five minutes. I got unsteadily to my feet, trying hard to hold on to my crutches. I kept my head down, on the premise that if I couldn't see anyone, they couldn't see me.

The candidate's wife stopped her speech to ask, "Are you all right?" I put my head up to see that she was indeed speaking to me! I told her I had to go to work, and she replied, "Give me a hug." A warm hug ensued, and that is how I was hugged by our new first lady, Michelle Obama.


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