Just One of the Six-Pack

This guy sure has a big ego, I said to myself.

Back in very late 1991 or early '92, I found myself working part-time for a newspaper called _Long Island Jewish World._ I was asked to attend a meeting of some big-time Jewish organization in Manhattan. The featured speaker was Bill Clinton, then governor of Arkansas and one of the "six-pack"—the half dozen Democratic candidates running for president.

I was unenthusiastic, being a supporter of the more left-liberal Tom Harkin, but after all I was being paid to cover the meeting, so off I went. Clinton began by talking about his ties to the Jewish hospital in Little Rock, then said that "Many people who haven't voted for a Democrat for 20 years said they'd vote for me!" This guy sure has a big ego, I said to myself.

Overall, I was still unimpressed, but as the meeting broke up I felt the need to say something. Relating to his Southern accent, I dug into my backpack and pulled out my copy of Faulkner's _Light in August._ I introduced myself to the governor, then held up the book and said, "I'm with you!" We both laughed.


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