Ping-Pong with Kim Novak

She had the bluest eyes I have ever seen (and I’m now 68).

In high school, I worked part-time at a miniature-golf course on La Cienega Boulevard in West Los Angeles. One winter evening, an aspiring young actress named Kim Novak, accompanied by the Ritz Brothers, arrived. Without question, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen close up.

We had indoor Ping-Pong tables and mechanical coin-operated games available. Ms. Novak wanted to play Ping-Pong but couldn’t get either of the men to play. She came to the desk and asked me if I would play with her. She had the bluest eyes I have ever seen (and I’m now 68). What male teenager could have refused?

I was pretty good; she was better. Didn’t charge them. Got fired. Was worth it.


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