How Meeting "Breaking Bad" Star Aaron Paul Helped Me Win Over $7,000 Worth of Prizes!

Aaron Paul

My name is Jarod Brice Evans I go by Brice and this is my "Brushes With Fame" story: (After my girlfriend did a search for her Dad after 22 years of not knowing him she found that he lived in L.A. So, this past summer we flew there to meet up with him. He showed us an unforgettable week and in that week we just so happened to run into a few celebrities. We saw Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams, Ed Harris, Andy Dick, and then the ever so popular "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul, who I must say is such a nice person. We were crossing the road heading over to Amoeba Records, I was shoulder to shoulder with him and just so happened to notice just THAT. Wow, I was completely blown away. I was lost for words, "star struck". I had to get a picture with him, which I did and then we went our own ways. Two days later we went to LACMA at that point in time they were showing a Stanley Kubrick exhibit. We walked in and there he was AGAIN.. He was in the middle of an interview with "Nylon For Guys" that we accidentally interrupted, but of course he did not mind at all! In fact he was just as shocked as we were. Running into each other twice in one week in L.A.?.. It was definitely an amazing coincidence. I actually was mentioned in a small piece of his interview in the magazine repeating bits of our conversation.) (I had heard before that Aaron Paul had been on The Price is Right awhile back so I informed him how my girlfriends newly found Father had been showing us such a great week and that we were topping it off by going to a taping of The Price is Right on our last day in L.A. (My girlfriend Athena and I don't travel very much and we live in a small town in Illinois where there's not much to do so this week was just a blur of excitement to us with all of the things that happened.) Aaron Paul reassured me I would do great! He explained how it's a drawn out process of just getting into the CBS building, but no matter how tired you get or how long the wait is you have to seem pumped, anxious, and just act crazy for the whole wait and you'll get picked! Aaron truly felt like I would get picked. Even as we left LACMA Aaron yelled from 100 ft away with out caring who saw him "Good luck on the Price is Right tomorrow!!" Such an awesome guy and sure enough I made it on the show! I won a flat screen T.V., a home gym set, and a sound system. I made sure to give Aaron Paul a shout out when I won my prizes!


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