Cheesecaker to the Stars

A high school friend with whom I later worked at a bank in Baton Rouge related a story to me years ago. Suzanne was traveling with her husband, T.J. Before their trip to the Los Angeles area, a friend told her that one of the best places to spot celebrities is some bakery where the cheesecake was apparently commissioned by God.

They parked up the street a ways and hoofed it to the establishment. Along the way, Suzanne became quite excited when they passed Jack Lemmon on the sidewalk. He was carrying two pie boxes from their destination bakery. When she effusively expressed her jubilation over having seen one of her favorite movie stars up close and personal, T.J. told her to calm down. He said, “Jack Lemmon is a just a person just like you and me.”

Upon entering the bakery, they saw Jaclyn Smith at the cash register paying for her two boxes of cheesecake. T.J. was intensely focused on the beautiful star as she completed her transaction and headed to the door, so much so that he tripped on a chair and fell to the floor. After judging that T.J. was not injured, Suzanne bent over him and said, “T.J., calm down. Don’t you know Jaclyn Smith is just a person just like you and me?”

Suzanne is one of the people of whom I’ve regretfully lost track over the years. I’ve looked all over the web to no avail. I’m hoping that my version of her story will reach her or be recognized by someone who knows where she is. I’ll be here hoping for contact.


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