On the passing of Rex Trailer and the day the Smith's and Piermarini's went to Boomtown. Yup you can hear the song and see the kids waving. We headed out on one foggy morning towards the city via RT9 and the fog was so bad my mom or aunt stop the car and got out to check the road. Yup driving on the wrong side of the road - it's a good thing nobody could drive fast that day because fog lights were not what they are today. We are in a packed 3 seat station wagon filled with kids, no seatbelts on so you imagine how really bad this story could have ended. Yes we finaly made it to the studio alive and were on line waiting to do the wave and here comes Rex greeting everyone, telling everone to smile and wave. He stop to talk with someone right next to me and some kid grabs his gun out of his hoster and starts pointing and waving it around. OMG you should have seen Rex's face and heard the stearn conversation that followed. So crazy man - then the music starts and we are smiling and waving. During the show my brother Scott and sister Susan got to shoot darts at the ballons for prizes. When Scott was shooting he hit a ballon and the piece of paper went behind one of the feet. I swear I was the only one who saw so I jumped up told Rex I see it, grabbed it and gave it to Rex - a regular TV star I thought to myself. Scott won a 3 speed bike with that very piece of paper. Pretty cool but Susan only won a mister potato head. Kids in the neighborhood saw me and said that was so cool and it was.

Rex Trailer and Boomtown kind of disappeared soon after - very strange indeed.


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