My brush with Train

So, recently I attended the Dish Network Summit in San Antonio. They always plan great entertainment for the event and this year was huge. Oprah, Bill Engval and Train. I joked with everyone before I left for the Summit that I was going to meet Train (never actually thought I would). So, the night of the event, I dolled up in my LBD (just in case) and was waiting to head in and watch the performance. One of my friends from Dish was giving me a hard time about being all "dressy dressy". I said well you know when I meet Pat I have to look my best. He told me to hang on a second and then went to chat with another retailer, they called me over and asked if I really wanted to meet them. The other retailer had a backstage pass and wasn't going to use it! So, they told me to head over to room 217. I ran (in heels) opened the door... No one there. I thought they played me, but then I noticed there was 217a and 217b. What the heck, I've come this far, I open 217b... There they all are! Just the band, nobody else. I stood in the doorway gaping like an idiot for what seemed like an eternity. Finally I manage to say something extremely witty, "um... My Dish rep said I could meet you guys." Awesome hunk of a guy that he is, Pat says well come on in. I enter the room still without one pathetic thought in my head and just stand there horrified. I'm actually fairly intelligent and my friends even say I'm witty, but not today. Pat finally breaks the silence and says "would you like me to autograph your forehead?" I felt like Ralphie on A Christmas Story... Football what's a football? Finally I just stick out my cellphone and say can we take a picture? And they oblige. I would love a second chance so that I could redeem myself, but alas, I'll just be happy I got to meet them, even if they think Im a moron.


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