Then, out of nowhere, Muhammad Ali shows up!

It's hard to believe it was me, but I had dinner at Nelson Mandela's table along with Bob De Niro and others.

Then, out of nowhere, Muhammad Ali shows up! Two of my heroes! I would have never imagined it, but yes I was there.

It was a room of bigwigs and celebs, but no one could eclipse the light and force of these two men. Nobody — not Puffy, Leo — no one. I was blessed indeed, so I wanted to share this with yall.

The trip was also meeting Quincy, another of my heroes, and rapping to Lionel Richie about how as a kid I bought tix to a Commodores concert where Curtis Blow opened up and, unbeknownst to me, Bob Marley and the Wailers opened for Lionel and the Commodores!!!!

He was, like, "You were mad young!" I was, like, "I had my nickel bag spliff in the air." He told me Bob Marley got him so spliffed he wasn't sure he could perform, but he did and turned it out.

Sometimes I forget how good it's been to be me. Let's not take life for granted. Some legends come in from all parts of life and are equally important to me as one can see from my TFP entry with two graffiti greats. Peep the photos: http://www.12ozprophet.com/index.php/mare_139/entry/mare139_ali_mandela_quincy_lionel/


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