Toni Braxton in Las Vegas

We were at table number one. Up close and personal.

A brush with the famous singer Toni Braxton made my wedding day extra special.

I live in Houston, and decided to have a destination wedding in Las Vegas. I have always wanted to get married in fabulous Las Vegas.

I selected the Little Church of the West for our ceremony because of the history that chapel holds. It was built in 1943, is quaint and romantic, has rustic charm, many celebrities wed here, and it is a nationally registered historical place.

The wedding date selected was special and significant. We were married on Veterans Day because my deceased father was a Korean War veteran. Also, many other relatives (alive and deceased) have served in the United States military, and since they could not be there in person, I thought the gap would be bridged with a significant date of homage to their memory. My great-grandfather is a colored Civil War Veteran. Other family members have served from the Civil War to this current war, which I hope to see end in 2008.

As I dressed for the wedding ceremony, I put a wallet-sized black-and-white photo of my parents in my cream-colored clutch purse. I thought to myself that Leroy Jarmon and Mable Corprew-Jarmon were looking down from heaven upon their baby girl on her wedding day.

Ivan and I and the wedding guests were whisked by limo to and from the Little Church of the West. After the ceremony, we returned to the Monte Carlo Hotel to change clothes. We were going to see Toni Braxton at the Flamingo Hilton Hotel. Her show had received rave reviews.

We were at table number one. Up close and personal. However, we were not prepared for exactly _how_ personal things would get. Ms. Toni put on an awesome show. She had many clothing changes, and oh, that diamond-encrusted microphone was something else.

During one of the songs, Braxton came down the stairs from the stage just as sexy as she could be. In an instant, she was standing directly in front of me. She was asking me a question, but I could not believe she was talking to me. She repeated, "Do you mind if I...," and as she shook my hand, I nodded to let her know that it was all right for her to sit on my new husband's lap. She sang a song while sitting on his lap, and he was blushing like a schoolboy. The photographer captured that moment with four snapshots that my husband treasures.

Later that night, he may have been thinking of Toni, but he was in bed with me. We are both huge Toni Braxton fans, and she helped to make our wedding day and night very memorable. Now, when we hear her songs, I say to my husband, "Here is Toni, your girlfriend."


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