Chance encounter, eighth grade dreams achieved.

My boyfriend and I were seeing the Broadway show "The Mystery of Edwin Drood". During intermission, we discovered that my long-time celebrity crush and acting inspiration, Michael Emerson, was in the audience. I was frantic to find him. During curtain call, Jordan and I ran to the lobby to find him, and with amazing luck, we spotted him. When I first approached him, I found myself blabbering on and on about how ecstatic I was to see him. I finally managed to ask him for a picture, and he offered to go outside to take it. We took the picture, and I thanked him profusely. I managed to tell him how he inspired me to continue my acting career. He said that maybe we'd end up working together someday, and I was in complete shock. I thanked him again, and we parted. As soon as we got out of his sight, I tackled Jordan in pure bliss. This was the best day of my life, and thinking about it makes me want to cry tears of joy all over again.


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