Eddie Vedder's own leg, only fake.

Eddie Vedder's own leg, only fake.

1994, Fox Theater.
I got a job helping the catering lady in the hopes of getting backstage access.
Eddie Vedder walked in the room, just like a normal person. So I got a cup of coffee, walked over, sat down at his table and acted like I was supposed to be there. Then I noticed that he and I were wearing matching navy corduroy — his jacket and my pants. I couldn't resist pointing this out, and he lit up when I did — he felt the knee of my pants as if to confirm that it was indeed the same as his jacket. We bonded for a split-sec.
Pearl Jam was on stage and everyone was distracted, so it seemed like a good opportunity to check out their dressing room and search for evidence to take home. It was on the top floor (which I knew about from a previous time when I was sent up there to deliver sugar to Meatloaf, where he was in his bathrobe). Nobody stopped me, so I went up and walked in (the door was half open, so I could have easily just been lost and wandering into the wrong room, right?
Yes, I thought.)
...as I looked around a corner next to the coffee table, my eyes fell on something right there in front of my face. Leaning against the wall was … was EV himself — only it was just part of him. Just his LEG. Without a doubt, it was Eddie Vedder's OWN leg — only it was FAKE. Fake as in not alive or attached to a body.
Besides that, and the fact that his two other legs were on stage with him at the time, it was eerily real. Wearing worn-out cargo shorts (a short?) and a worn-out combat boot with a red and gray sock sticking out of the top — a well-worn red and grey sock. I stood there staring — stunned, confused, and ecstatic to have discovered something so utterly bizarre. I touched it. Everything felt real except for the leg itself.
Suddenly I felt that I must run down to the stage and look to see if he definitely had two real legs.
I kept double checking just to be sure, even after seeing them clearly the first time. Then I went back upstairs to do one last double-take of the fake leg. It was just as I remembered, right where I left it. That's what I saw, just like I saw it.


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