Danny Glover in the Common Room

"Holy moly... I think that's the guy from Angles in the Outfield!"

Walking out of my dorm room at Westfield State University, in MA, Danny Glover was sitting on a couch talking to some other VIPs of the college in the common area. I was with my roommate and we were busy with our own conversation when Mr. Glover and I made eye contact. We made it all the way to the door before I turned around to look at him and said to my roommate, "Holy moly... I think that's the guy from Angles in the Outfield!" Horrified to hear that my roommate had never seen that movie, I kept wondering if I was right or if he was just some doppelganger for the rest of the night. Later, I went onto my school email and found that he was guest speaking in one of the banquet halls in my dorm. If you don't know that Mr. Glover is just 'too old for this' ... stuff, then you just really don't know him at all!


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