The Rogue Warrior and the Pram

I was walking down a local Mall, and walking in the opposite direction was a man with a pram. I thought that I recognized his face...then it clicked he was Richard Marchenko, the former Navy Seal and author of many novels. I whipped around and approached him, asking if he was Marchenko.
"That's what they tell me." He drolly replied.
I told him of my Magazine articles, and asked how much work he had to put into his fiction work.
He replied, " Each chapter is about as much work as one of those magazine articles you write. 20 chapters, about 20 times the work of a magazine article." I thanked him for the time and information.

At work later that week I told a co-worker of the encounter. She said, " Oh, he lives in my neighborhood, he babysits children during the week, and he's good with children, but they come away with realy colorful vocabularies.


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