Alec Baldwin - Attentive New Dad

I was on the 7 PM American Airlines flight from JFK to LAX on Valentine's Day 1996. I was in the front aisle row of Business Class and had a clear view of First Class where Alec Baldwin was traveling with his wife Kim Basinger, their nanny and 3 1/2 month old baby Ireland. Kim seemed to be exhausted - she was curled up with a long fur coat.

Alec had on a v neck navy blue sweater and brown tortoise shell glasses. From a few minutes after take off, baby Ireland started fussing. Alec jumped up (I think even before the seatbelt sign went off) and started swaddling and walking with her up and down the aisle, with her over his shoulder, patting her, comforting her. He would coo to her, cradle her, give her a bottle, calm her down. He'd sit for a moment and then she'd start up again. He patiently went through the routine again.

My children were already 9 and 7, but I so related to what these new parents were going through and how patient and sweet Alec was with Ireland. We exchanged a few comments about babies, and I totally got a mad crush on Alec that night. Kim awoke a couple of times and smiled back at him (and me) but she could tell they were in their own world.

I am in the jewelry business, so I sent up a pair of heart shaped earrings to Kim with a little note for Valentine's Day with a flight attendant. She mailed me a sweet thank you and said I should have come up and talked with her. I sent a message to Ireland about this little moment in time a few years ago and she told me it made her (and her mom) really smile.

I have met/ run into many celebrities in my many years of travel and being in a politically connected family, but this was the absolute sweetest and most memorable. To this day I have that Alec Baldwin crush.


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