I Stole Jim Belushi's Beer

No sense in letting good beer go to waste.

Back in 2002, I was at my favorite watering hole, "The Yale":http://theyale.ca/—a famous blues club in Vancouver, Canada—when Jim Belushi walked in. He was standing behind the bar across from me, waiting to do a few numbers with the band, so I struck up a conversation with him.

He was in town for the filming of _K-9: P.I.,_ and coincidently he had been walking his dog that afternoon in my neighborhood, where some of the scenes were shot. We chatted for a while and then, just as a fresh pint of beer was delivered to him, he was called up to the stage, where he performed a few songs. It was an unexpected treat!

Afterward, he returned to where he had left his untouched beer, which I had been watching for him. But before he took a drink, a rose arrived from an admirer, and he was off to join her on the dance floor. I waited a while, and when it seemed unlikely that he would return for his beer, I claimed it as my own. No sense in letting good beer go to waste. So Jim, if you read this, I owe you one.


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