Jack Black in Westwood

I was about 23, living in LA, when my best friend came to visit. We were eating in Westwood, when we see a black SUV pull up right in front of the restaurant. Jack Black emerges, along with that blond guy who is in his band (and has been in movies with him). They both looked exactly the same as they do on-screen, rockin' their little beer bellies... My best friend said, "Oh my god! It's Jack Black!" pretty loudly, and I suddenly got so nervous. It was really weird. I think my nervousness came from a fear that my best friend's comment or slight fawning over him would embarass Mr. Black (and me). I said "Shut up Jamie!" and then she proceeded to make fun of me for getting so nervous in his presence. It really is weird how a famous person can have that effect on a person. Some teenage boys saw him too and told us that they were going to go talk to him. They came back a few minutes later and said, "Yup, it was him! We talked to him!" Maybe I'm too shy, or maybe overly respectful that I don't want to bother a celebrity when they're out trying to do normal civilian type of things. BUT many celebrities each that shit up and that's the reason they became famous. Whatever the case may be, my first "brush with fame" or shall we say "brush with beer belly" is a funny and cute memory from my youth.


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