Diana Ross, Bathroom Scout

Heather is OK and will be right out."

My husband, Don, and I wanted to eat at Robert De Niro's restaurant in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City. We got there ten minutes before our reservation and decided to hit the restrooms before our meal. Don comes out of the men's room and is waiting by a pay phone. Five minutes go by, and I haven't come out of the women's side.

A gorgeous lady with a full afro comes out, and Don asks her if she will see if I am OK. She comes back in and says, "Is there a Heather here?" I say yes, and she relays that info to Don, reassuring him I will be right out.

When we go upstairs and sit at our table, we see the gorgeous woman sitting with the Weinstein brothers, discussing a movie deal, and we both realize that it is Diana Ross. What a gorgeous creature with a gorgeous voice.


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