The Day I Met Dimitri Coats

I was at a gig for Keith Morris' (Black Flag, Circle Jerks) new band OFF! I idolize Keith and was able to catch him shopping for records and got a picture (that messed up on my phone. Curse myself to this day) with him and told him I am a big fan of all his work and he thanked me.

I then met the drummer Mario and Steven the bassist. I follow the guitarist Dimitri on a website so I like his photos once in a while and comment but I NEVER expected him to notice me.

The show was simply amazing. Hardcore punk. 25 minutes long. Then, the band got ready to sign stuff. I was second in line and shook as I got ready to give my record for them to sign. I then see Dimitri is the first one to sign the stuff before passing it down the table to the other members. Dimitri flashes me a smile and then says "Hey, wait a minute. Aren't you Jade?" I was shocked and replied Yes. He then said "Wasn't it your birthday? You said this was your birthday present to see us! Happy Birthday Jade! Hey guys, this girl is a huge fan. It was her birthday!"

I was shocked. I almost cried. Dimitri then smiled again, signed my record, and the rest of the band greeted me.

One of the greatest days of my life. Proves that some bands do care for their fans. I love you Dimitri. You made my whole 4 hour trip to see you worthwhile.


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