Flight of...My Memory

She's on..."--and my mind goes completely blank--"that show."

Ever have such a crush on someone that you talk to his friends in hopes that he'll come by and, by default, talk to you, too? That happened to me.

A Thursday night, dining alfresco in Seattle with my husband, during the week of the Sub Pop 20th Anniversary Fest. My favorite band is Flight of the Conchords. My favorite show (most of the time) is _Flight of the Conchords._ I have a massive crush on the Conchords, ergo I love all things Conchord.

So when I saw Kristen Schaal (who plays Mel) and Eugene Mirman (plays Eugene) step out of the restaurant and stop to chat a scant ten feet away from me, I had to say hi. What if Bret and Jemaine were just behind them?

"That's Kristen Schaal. I'm going to go say hi!" I said excitedly to my husband. So, go say hi I did. They were chatting with other friends of theirs, and I interrupted. I told Kristen how much I love the show, and how much I enjoyed her work. I said how funny she is on the show. I couldn't stop babbling: "We're here on vacation, and we love your show, and you're so funny! I'm from Chicago! Oh, where did you go to school? That's so cool!"

She was kind, sweet, and polite. "Can I take a picture with you?" I asked. "Sure!" she said. "Kevin!" I yelled for my husband. "Come here! We're going to take a picture!"

Kevin dutifully came over with the camera. I introduced him: "Kevin, this is Kristen Schaal. She's on..." --and my mind goes completely blank--"that show. That show."

I look over at Kristen. _"Flight of the Conchords,"_ she says. "Yes, yes," say I. "That's right! _Flight of the Conchords!"_ She and Eugene Mirman took a photo with us, we thanked them, I gushed some more, and we wished them a good night.

No Bret or Jemaine in sight--just one silly, star-struck fan. Once back at our table, Kevin shook his head and laughed, and said to me, "I can't believe you forgot the name of their show."


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