Lenny who?

I'm high on life.

so, I went to a pink floyd concert while in grad school. thought it would be really awesome to add to the experience by having a nice little mind trip. so thinking who I can ask that would be able to help me out. So I see this guy with dreadlocks walking around before the show and I go up to him and ask him if he has anything. He pauses, looks at me, and says "no, I'm high on life," and walks away. I'm thinking ok dude whatever. so I never did find what I was looking for, but the concert and the second hand pot smoke made it to where it wasn't really needed. So I was in the eighth row(fabulous) in the superdome and after about 45 minutes, Pink Floyd is thanking New Orleans for having them and how they've enjoyed the city, etc. etc. Then they comment on how they really wanted to thank their friend for being there with him and how he was a great musical artist, etc.(not exact quotes, but close)and they shine the light back to the sound/visual area box that is bout midway back in floor of superdome. The guy I'm with starts laughing and tells me to turn around. So as I turn around and look in that direction, they announce that this "musical talented friend" is Lenny Kravitz.
So my brush with fame basically involved me asking Lenny Kravitz for acid compared to his autograph. Don't know if he was pissed that I didn't recognize him or not, but thought it was kinda funny.


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