My Dinner with Tommy

She had never introduced herself, so she was shocked that I knew her.

My stepmother and I were getting horrible service in a restaurant, simply because we were wearing jeans. After we we sat down, a young couple was seated next to us—so they could get terrible service, too.

Well, my stepmother and the young man were soon up in arms, standing next to each other and screaming at the maître d' a number of expletives not really fit for print. I'm actually surprised we weren't all given the bum's rush, if you get my meaning.

Anyway, I had my young son with me, and the young lady was soon sitting with us at our table as my stepmother and the young man continued to call the maître d' various names. She and I chatted for about an hour, ate our meals, and played with the baby. She was so sweet, and I genuinely liked her—she was funny and smart and so very kind.

When our meal was over, I stood and she surrendered my son, who was sitting in her lap eating part of her salad. She said, "It was _so_ nice to meet you," and it was so genuine. I smiled and replied, "It was nice to meet you, too, Miss Locklear."

She had never introduced herself, so she was shocked that I knew her. "You know who I am?" she asked, surprised. "You're Heather Locklear, and you're on one of the most popular shows on television—I doubt you'd find someone who doesn't know you," I replied, and she laughed then and thanked me for letting her play with the baby.

As we left the restaurant, my stepmother turned to me and howled, "I'll have that man's job!"

"Let it go," I told her. "Do you know who we were sitting with? That's Tommy Lee and Heather Locklear. His band is in town for a concert, and I bet that they have rented three floors of this hotel. That guy won't be working here by the time we reach the car."


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