Experience the 'Gypsy in your Soul'

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTI was a show stopper when the audience sang it at the beginning of the 2nd act of her solo show 'Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda' in Toronto (Canada). Patti had to go off stage, shake off the tears of joy and return somewhat 'composed' to carry on! She is without a doubt the epitome of a consumate performer.
After 2 hours of hilarious antics and being the Divine Diva, she was most gracious to engage her adoring fans at the stage door.
Having chatted and signed autographs, she leaped into the limo. 'I have to go and have dinner' Such a persona on stage and then a woman who wears glasses and no makeup in 'reality'.
I also had the privilege, being a 'Mirvish Subscriber' (up here in the Toronto Musical Theatre scene) to see Patti and Mandy Patinkin in their show. Two of the Musical Theatre's most venerable performers. Again, such graciousness after 2 hours of shear entertainment and pleasure made every fan at the Stage Door feel special.
As Toronto was now getting the blizzard that had already socked in New York, one of their adoring fans had knitted a scarf for both Patti and Mandy. He made the compliment to this woman that the scarves would always remind him of performing in the 'TRUE NORTH'
Being a musician myself, I always go to the Stage Door' to thank the performers for entertaining me for 2 hours. It was amazing that Patti and Mandy made a point of thanking me for my efforts to come backstage.
I have a passion for Musical Theatre and am thrilled to have experienced Patti's great talent. may she have Toronto on her next 'show stopping' venues.


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