Apocalyptica Now

She goes behind the building. Three minutes later, she gestures at me to come...quietly.

May 11, 2008—I remember it just like yesterday. My grandmother and I went to a concert I thought she would like...and I ended up bonding with her most of the time after the show.

Apocalyptica is a Finnish cello metal band, as in they play heavy metal on cellos—very awesome. I'm obsessed with every Finnish band I listen to, because to me they make some radical music!

Back to the story: My grandmother and I decide to arrive at the concert two hours early, because the doors open at 8 and the show starts at 9pm. As it happens, we have to get our tickets at the booth, and end up waiting for about 30 minutes for the ticket guy to come. I'm standing there in front of the venue anxiously, and other people already have their tickets. I mean, I was reading the Spanish newspaper yesterday looking for concerts, and it was a day before the concert—this is Sunday and that was Saturday, the day that I'm reading it.

I actually asked her if she wanted to go somewhere else instead, because we planned on going to see a Finnish violinist. While waiting—my grandmother, being curious about where the hell this dude is—looks all around the venue for someone who know where he was. She goes behind the building. Three minutes later, she gestures at me to come...quietly. I stand there wondering, "What is she doing?" I just follow her to where she is going. I ask, "What is it?"

"You'll see soon enough," she answers.

When we turn the corner, there you see two men standing about ready to jog around my hometown: It's Eicca and Mikko. My grandmother whispers, "These are the guys of the band." We walk up to them. And guess what I'm doing just standing there in front of them: I'm quietly shaking. It wasn't very visible to see that I was shaking.

We shake hands—they have some strong grips—and I just stand there while my grandmother explains how I am nervous. I burst out babbling, but it's too apparent. "It's OK. It happens often," Eicca says with a smile on his face, shaking me slightly by the shoulder. I grin like an idiot.

So, Grams is there continuing to talk to Eicca and Mikko, until she says, "She's been studying Finland for two years now. I'm guessing she really loves Finland."

Mikko and Eicca have amused faces, and Eicca asks, "Why do you want to go to Finland?" I explain saying, "Just to get away from everything that I can't stand in the U.S." Honestly, I'm not that in love with my state.

I'm happy that I met Eicca and Mikko, and I leave happy. After the show, Grams tells me, "We're coming to see them next year. By the way, they are fantastic!"

I'm still leaving happy like a madwoman.


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