My Lombardi

We're going to see Lombardi. I'm at the Circle in the Square box office. So is he. I'm picking up my tickets. He is too. We exchange a glance as you would when both at the wicket. I realize - it's Dan Laura - the lead in the new play Lombardi. No - he isn't a household name. But for anyone who watched TV in the 80's - he's a household face. He was the Dad on Wonder Years. Yes, you'd recognize that face. And it is still a warm and friendly face. Not one to speak to "celebrities" as a rule, I found the inviting smile irresistible. "What are you doing in the line?" I have to ask. "You should be backstage shouldn't you?" The sweet story - his 98 year old aunt was coming to see him in his show. He was just making sure she had her ticket, and was all tucked safely into her seat. Still the thoughtful, gentle Wonder Years Dad.
Having been in NYC for less than an hour - I had to pull out my phone and have a photo to send to the gang back home. When you're from a small Canadian city - it's not as if you cross paths with Broadway stars very often! Not only does pose, he recounts with some joy - his visits to our small city of Halifax - on more than one occasion. Now I feel as if I have a new best friend... who's centre stage. If he wants - he can come over for dinner the next time he makes his way to Nova Scotia. And by the way - we really enjoyed the play. Lombardi was quite a guy.


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