An exciting day at the races

Three or four years ago, I was at the horse track in Hot Springs, Arkansas, with friends. I was sitting about 4 rows up relaxing, when I noticed this man walking through the crowd. There was simply something about the way he walked---he had a very confident stride, he was wearing a nice sport jacket over jeans and had some very cool black shades on, I just could NOT take my eyes off of him.

I had only the side profile and after watching him move through the crowd for a few moments, it hit was was Sam Shephard. It was hard to absorb for a bit, so I just kept watching him. Eventually he ended up standing not too terribly far from me, so I just had to make my way over to him to confirm.

By the time I got there, there was another woman chatting him up, so then I was absolutely sure it was him. I just stuck out my hand to shake his and said "I thought that was you!" and told him that I had just purchased (literally a few days prior) one of his books. He smiled and said "oh really?" Then I let him get back to his other conversation, and returned to my seat.

I'm not a stalker, just had to confirm for myself that I wasn't delusional. Now, if Jessica Lange had been with him, I probably would not have played that off quite as cooly. :)

As I looked through the daily race literature, there was someone with the same last name on the I figured they must own some race horses.


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