dreams indeed come true

This past summer , one of my life biggest goals was finally accomplished. However , before i get into what i did , let me tell you how it got there . i have been a fan of TNA wrestling sence it first began . After watching it for nearly 9 years i had to see what all the buzz was about and feel what many feel when they visit the TNA impact zone in florida.
so me and my friend , izzy , went to a TNA live house show in ashbury park,new jersey right then and there i felt like i was at the impactzone . the feeling was unbelieveable. i was surrounded with die-hard TNA fans just like and it felt like i was home. i got the honor to meet people i saw on tv every thursday night like kurt angle , aj styles , angelina love , brian kendrick and many more
when the show ended me and my friend waited out back for my mom to pick us up and there he was ... my role model in life , the man i wanted to meet more then ever JEFF HARDY. i ran to get my autograph and picture , he is one of the coolest dudes i think i ever met , so down to earth and calm , but as i told him how much i looked up to him he told me thanks for being of the ones that were there when no one else was i never felt so proud to be a jeff hardy fan [i know very geeky]


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