OMG! It's Tom Chaplin!

My mom, dad, best friend, and I were waiting in front of the Berkeley Community Theatre in Berkeley, California, for the "Keane": concert that night. We got there hours before the concert so we could get good seats. The tour bus was parked right in front of where we were sitting.

We were waiting, in the broiling sun, for the clock to strike 7:00 when we saw Tom Chaplin walk out of the tour bus! It was my friend's first time meeting him, and my third time. He remembered me and my parents. He was, like, "Hey, guys!" We got hugs from him and some pics and autographs.

Then Richard Hughes came out! The last time we saw them live, he gave my dad his drumsticks, and now he always does. So my dad and Richard were talking like it was the most normal thing that could happen!

After the concert, we waited till 1:00 in the morning to meet them again, and Richard made sure to give my dad his drumsticks again. But this time he signed them. With a smiley face!


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