I touched his foot.

he threw a guitar pick and i caught it.

Standing there in section 8, i was getting pumped. demi lovato walked onto stage and i lost my voice in the first song.
she walked off stage. my friend's uncle came and got us. we walked to section 3... then the front row. the lights went off and the jonas brothers came on stage. nick jonas was standing right in front of me. i held up a poster that said "im feeling alive so please be mine.. this means you nicholas!" he read it and laughed. he kept looking down at me during the show. i was next to the middle catwalk. he walked out with his brothers. for the 15th time, i reached my hand up to try and touch him. i touched his right foot. his custom conversed foot.
they went backstage and changed. when he came back out, he stood at the edge of the stage and looked down at me and sang. he smiled then walked around again. he came back. i reached my hand up. he reached his hand out and took the roses from the girl next to me. it was disappointing but worth it in the end.

he threw a guitar pick and i caught it.


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