"Wild at Heart" Director Makes Generous Gesture

David Lynch picked me out of a crowd and gave me a free ticket to a movie.

At first I thought, "Wow, what a nice gesture." Then it occurred to me that it was David Lynch, the director of _Eraserhead,_ _Lost Highway,_ and _The Elephant Man._ Not exactly someone known for his appreciation of sweetness, light, and beauty--but someone with a very
dark and twisted world view.

Like TNT, David Lynch likes characters. He walked down the long, long line of people waiting to buy tickets for _The Last Emperor_ and stopped right in front of me. Holding out the ticket, he said, "Here, see the movie on me." I took it gladly and thanked him for his generosity.

The circumstances that led to Mr. Lynch and his act of kindness were this: David Lynch had arrived at the Century City movie theaters and purchased his ticket. Then Kyle MacLachlan and Laura Dern (dating at the time) came up to the box office and did the whole "Don't you know who we are?" kind of thing and received the A-list treatment they so deserved. A-list treatment in this case meant free admission and perhaps a free popcorn and beverage. David, being part of their _Blue Velvet_ gang, was included. Luckily, the box-office manager knew who he was, too.

Instead of just tossing his ticket in the trash, Lynch walked down the line of eager moviegoers and very deliberately stopped at me. For a brief moment, he and I connected. And then he went back to being on the A list, and I went back to obscurity.


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