Moses Came to Virginia

He joked that his chariot was in the shop.

We're all seated in Number Three meeting room. Most of us excited about his lecture and appearance. We didn't care if he was a Republican or a Democrat. Being in his audience once again and seeing him in person caused great electricity in the room.

The door opened. Loud voices became whispers, but the Red Sea didn't part. A tall, slender, much older version of Moses crossed the room. With difficulty, he raised one foot and climbed upon the stage. He tried not to wince.

That this man had to step up at that height, at his age, was ridiculous. Why were there no steps? The hotel would hear about this from the city and those of us who had paid attention.

Ever so polite, he began to wow us. Today was his fiftieth anniversary, and he wouldn't see his princess until eight that evening. He joked that his chariot was in the shop. But not even a den of lions could keep them apart.

Our memories of Charlton Heston were not of arthritis, age, or politics--only the value of a human being who would always be remembered as Moses, his role in _The Ten Commandments._


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