One Degree of Kevin Bacon

I gotta get on this train....I need to help Kyra Sedgwick!

I was commuting. It was spring of 2002, and we New Yorkers were still pretty raw from the previous September's disaster, constantly admonished by the police to say something if we saw something. Most of us still thought we would more than just see something.

Public transportation is vulnerable, and the subway felt like a trap! But we had to go on with our lives.

I was halfway along my travels and awaiting the E Train below the Port Authority Bus Terminal, which is near Times Square. Reading during travel was a particular comfort to me, and I was reading a favorite book of mine, _A Confederacy of Dunces,_ as I heard the train nearing the station.

Very suddenly, I noticed quick movement out of the corner of my eye. The train was getting closer and louder from my left as someone was hurrying toward me and shouting something from my right.

Terrified, I jumped back and turned toward the person running at me as I noticed two things simultaneously. I need to get on this train, and Kyra Sedgwick has scared me out of my mind by running at me and yelling, "Does this train go to _blahblahblah!?!?!"_

Well, she didn't actually say "blahblahblah." But the effect of so much conflicting information smashing into my brain at one time: the decibels of the subway train squealing to a halt, being jolted from my comforting read by my worst terrorist suicide bomber fear come true, and—_wait!_ It's one of my favorite film actresses asking a question. I gotta get on this train....I need to help Kyra Sedgwick!

"I, uhhhh...well, you...huh?" was all I got out before someone else, who didn't recognize her and wasn't knocked out of his or her boots, answered her question while I got on the E Train and flopped into a seat realizing, Huh, Kevin's on Broadway right now. I bet that's why she's here!

_One degree!_


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