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I rode in an elevator with Colonel Harland Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame. We were both attending the groundbreaking of a rehabilitation hospital in Louisville, Kentucky.

I was a former patient of the original facility and had done some lobbying for the new addition with my senators in Washington, D.C. I believe he was there to help with publicity and because his corporation had contributed some funds.Read more »

It's not that I care one way or the other about Conan O'Brien, personally. Conan is a guy like a lot of other guys" He's got two eyes, a nose, a mouth, a dick, and assorted other parts. As much as I wish everyone well--in the most impersonal sense, in the sense of "Merry Christmas, everyone!"--I wish Conan well.

But maybe it's the bursting-at-the-seams idolatry, the frenzy of Facebook …

We're all seated in Number Three meeting room. Most of us excited about his lecture and appearance. We didn't care if he was a Republican or a Democrat. Being in his audience once again and seeing him in person caused great electricity in the room.

The door opened. Loud voices became whispers, but the Red Sea didn't part. A tall, slender, much older version of Moses crossed the room. …

Queen Noor couldn’t catch anyone’s attention.

After 9/11, I received an email asking for volunteers at the Arab-American Family Support Center. I had worked on the 105th floor of World Trade One until March ‘01, knew hundreds of the dead, and could have been among them.

I emailed back to say yes, deciding to volunteer in order to reach out to Arab New Yorkers who suddenly found themselves …

It was an overcast day in November. I saw him. He was as real as if he were standing right in front of me now. Elvis. The King. I spoke to him. He has a broad Glasgow accent and says his name is Robert.

If Elvis really is dead, then it proves that Scotland must be heaven!

I couldn't believe Aretha Franklin was even shorter than I am. But the famous, more often than not, are surprisingly short. We have more to prove, maybe.

We shorties, I mean.

She was also nowhere near as big around as you may think. Granted, this was in 1994, but even back then she looked awfully large when you saw her on TV--not so in person.

I grew …

My friends and I drove across three state lines to see Eric Burdon and the Animals. No, this wasn't in 1965; this was just last month. They were performing at the Hard Rock in Biloxi, Mississippi.

As a child of the '60s, I'm not sure what I was expecting, my mind's eye remembering a scruffy young group of working-class kids belting out countless bluesy hits like "House of the …

I went to Indiana to visit my grandparents. We went into a Boston store, and I got in trouble with my mom.

Then some lady came up to my mom and said, "I remember when my mom had to tell me that, too."

When we got to checkout, I found out that she was Roberta Flack. I had no idea who she was, though, and was very quiet …

I first caught a glimpse of Elizabeth Berkley while waiting in line at a CVS on Beverly Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California. I was near the front of the line waiting to speak with one of the pharmacists, while Elizabeth was standing in one of two longer lines to converse with other available pharmacists in the drop-off section.

I had been waiting only five minutes before I swiftly made …

I was commuting. It was spring of 2002, and we New Yorkers were still pretty raw from the previous September's disaster, constantly admonished by the police to say something if we saw something. Most of us still thought we would more than just see something.

Public transportation is vulnerable, and the subway felt like a trap! But we had to go on with our lives.

I was halfway …

Before they were playing venues like Madison Square Garden and winning Grammy Awards, they were much more accessible after their concerts. "They" being the Kings of Leon. (Longtime fan, longtime listener).

So one night prior to their immense fame, my friend and I were hanging around outside after a show. I turned around and there stood Jared, followed by his brothers and cousin.

We ended up going with …

My name became the subject of news stories. Never a good thing for a journalist.
"I'm sorry? You said Erin Brockovich called you? It was her...personally?

It was 4:00 p.m. on a Wednesday, and she talked like it was a matter of life and death, the source said.

This was true. But it wasn't until later that I came to terms with the fact that there was …

A cold and wet Australian sinks into the subway bench on her first day in New York City.

Two hours spent shivering, walking the streets of Soho with an umbrella that was rendered useless in the first 30 minutes.

The doors open, and in walks Mr. Big from _Sex and the City._ He proceeds to sit right next to her.

"Are you serious?" was all she could …

The name of the new work-study student was Steve Khan. He was from California. As we got to know him, he mentioned he played guitar. We all did. One day, he even brought a guitar in to jam on. He was pretty good. I was just learning.

Later, I found out he had released a couple of jazz albums and played on a Steely Dan album, _Gaucho._ Who knew? …

When "Jason": talks to you, it's as if you're the only two people in the room.

I don't mean that in some fan-girlish way. I also don't mean to sound like I'm squealing, "Oh, my God, he totally just looked at me!" No, I don't think I've suddenly and magically become the only girl for him, that he's suddenly thought that I'm the hottest thing on the planet and …

I went to a screening of Edie Sedgwick in Outer and Inner Space and Lupe (1966) at a gallery one night. The weird thing was that I was quite torn about attending it, knowing Zach Galifianakis was performing at a nearby venue.

After the screening was over, I ran to Zach’s performance, slipped past security, and sneaked in. I have never sneaked into anything besides this and a charity …

I was six years old, and Tom T. Hall was playing the Dade County Youth Fair.

He saw me there, my father's pride and joy, dressed in cowgirl garb and singing aloud to the music: "I love little baby ducks, old pickup trucks, and rain...."

He called me up onto the stage to sing with him. I was horrified, and have had stage fright ever since.

Back in the early '80s, my husband at the time (ex now) was a program director for our local rock radio station. Bryan Adams was not only coming to town for a concert but was also doing a meet-and-greet by taking one of our tour boats on Lake Superior. It was our job to be his cruise escorts for the evening.

I, of course, dressed for success, taking great …

I was on the way home from watching _Spring Awakening_ during my freshman year at New York University. I was waiting for the N Train. At the time, a lot of construction was being done, and trains were constantly full and consistently few and far between (not that it's so different now).

When the train finally made its appearance, it was unexpectedly pretty empty. My friends and I waltzed …

At "Night of 100 Stars": back in the 1980s, the star who most impressed me was a shy fellow in tuxedo and brown tweed hat, standing on the sidelines.

I had already shaken hands with Milton Berle, George Burns, Alexis Smith, and a long line of other celebrities. Wearing a tux myself, I suppose they had no idea who I was: a film producer, a bit player, a musician, …
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