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In 1993 I was pregnant for the first time and was working as a choreographer at The Cleveland Play House. The company was premièring a play, and Jesse Martin was the lead character. His role called for him to sing and dance. There was nothing he could not do, or would not try. He was game. And his energy was an exuberant shout-out to being a working actor surrounded by …

This past summer , one of my life biggest goals was finally accomplished. However , before i get into what i did , let me tell you how it got there . i have been a fan of TNA wrestling sence it first began . After watching it for nearly 9 years i had to see what all the buzz was about and feel what many feel when they visit …

I didn't consider myself a Motley Crue fan, having cut my musical teeth on steady diet of Depeche Mode and The Cure, to the exclusion of most everything else. By the time my band landed in Hollywood, however, the inevitable lineup changes brought me into a circle of ex-glam rockers, and by virtue of them, I began to broaden my horizons.

After the fifteenth Sunday-night screening …

I love Forever The Sickest Kids and I was so pyched to go to their show when they came to my state. I waited in line for HOURS to make sure I got a good spot.
My friend Tori and I went walking to the bathroom when we see Kyle Burns, the drummer of FTSK (my my favorite member) standing outside the side enterence, he was on the phone …

I remember it was the Fourth of July, because I was especially pissed off to be working the cashier at the local grocery store on a holiday. Having to wear the button-down shirt and apron combination made the humid day most unbearable, even with air conditioner running. Beads of sweat formed along my hairline and lips. I felt sticky all over while scanning the next customer's items one by one, …

In the 1980’s, Illinois ranked third or fourth among states in production dollars spent in film. Much of those dollars were spent on classic 80’s movies and television shows filmed in my hometown, Chicago.

At that time, I worked in the office of a “doctor to the stars”. I arranged her confidential on-set appointments with filming actors. For about $6.00 per hour plus tales of her …

I was doing security backstage at the outdoor music venue Stubb’s, in Austin, Texas. Velvet Revolver had just started playing inside, minus Scott Weiland, as the sun started to fade over the amphitheater. Tour management, house management and security were all frantic on their radios trying find out where he was. I was standing on the sidewalk on 8th St at the entrance to the loading dock and outdoor backstage …

Standing there in section 8, i was getting pumped. demi lovato walked onto stage and i lost my voice in the first song.
she walked off stage. my friend's uncle came and got us. we walked to section 3... then the front row. the lights went off and the jonas brothers came on stage. nick jonas was standing right in front of me. i held up a poster that …

When I was 11, I went to International Gymnastics Camp in Middle-of-Nowhere, Pennsylvania.

Olympic gymnasts would come and give interviews and do exhibition routines. Sometimes, you'd get to see them train if you snuck down to the gym during rest hours.

Every night after dinner was open gym. One night, I was working on a cartwheel on balance beam when I heard a coach tell me to look …

I was in Spoonbill & Sugartown, a bookstore in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, when I saw Keanu Reeves. He was standing to my right. He looked dapper. Faded blue jeans. Worn boots. Blue velvety-looking jacket. Beard. Fedora. Dapper, man.

Nine months before, I'd read an interview with Keanu in some men's magazine that had taken place in a bookstore in LA. In the article, he'd recommended a book, The Elementary Particles, …

I've never been so broke, tired, hungry, and lonely in all my life. I've also never felt so fabulous. Being in New York City has this way of bringing out one's deepest insecurities and the most extreme delusions of grandeur. Lady Gaga said it best: "I used to walk down the streets of New York City every day like I was a fucking star."

I got a taste of …

In the 1990s, I worked at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. It's the building everyone sees when the famous Christmas tree is lit each year. The building is also the home of NBC and the television show _Saturday Night Live._

At that time, I would see many famous people pass through the lobby or hopping into an elevator. They included the likes of Dick Clark, Dustin … on to learn why I didn't.

It was early spring in 2002, and I was waiting at O'Hare for my first flight after 9/11. I was traveling for work to Salt Lake City, as I did a few times a year in those days. It was a Sunday, there were mobs of people everywhere, and I was waiting for my group to be called.

I'm passing the …

So my mom is a big businesswoman. If it were possible, her boss would've implanted her cellphone into her crainum long ago. And that was way before Bluetooth technology. She could balance baking birthday cakes with board-room meetings.

On vacation at mini-paradise Disney World, there were at least a four hours of imposed silence for her to carry on with her business, and then we'd knock off at night …

In 1992, my husband and I returned to Bermuda, where we'd honeymooned four years before. Each morning, I headed for a small stable where, because I had 15 years as a horse owner, the manager let me ride on my own.

Two American boys arrived every morning for lessons, escorted by their grandfather, a 60-ish gentleman who spoke slowly and politely. We chatted amiably about everyday things. He was …

David Lynch picked me out of a crowd and gave me a free ticket to a movie.

At first I thought, "Wow, what a nice gesture." Then it occurred to me that it was David Lynch, the director of _Eraserhead,_ _Lost Highway,_ and _The Elephant Man._ Not exactly someone known for his appreciation of sweetness, light, and beauty--but someone with a very
dark and twisted world view.Read more »

I was about 18 and fumbling through life in late-'70s Manhattan, working in a fancy part of town where everything in the store windows was impossibly beautiful and out of my reach. How did people pay $400 for a pair of shoes? I wondered.

I had to pick up something at the Algonquin Hotel one afternoon. I waited in line at some window, picked up the envelope, and turned.Read more »

Essentially, I had floor seats to an event--and got inadvertently spit on by the greatest wrestling legend of all time. (That's subjective, but still....)

My friends joked with me, saying things like, "I bet you're never gonna wash your face now." Well, I thought they were joking, but they were kind of serious.

Don't get me wrong: Triple H is awesome, and I've always loved watching him perform. …

One Sunday afternoon after a late night of bad decisions and worse luck, I was trying to sop up my hangover with a chili dog at Shady Grove, an Austin, Texas, haunt named after an adjacent trailer park.

Across the kitschy scene, through the fog of last night's margaritas, I see him: Jon. Bon. Jovi. The man-stuff of my middle-school dreams.

Jon. Bon. Jovi. How has the frontman …

1981. Rex Smith was the Justin Timberlake of my day. He was the star of lite FM, with every station playing his smash hit, "You Take My Breath Away" and touring around with his swashbuckling golden tresses a la early Frampton.

Cast in New York's Public Theater production of _Pirates of Penzance,_ playing opposite Linda Rondstadt, Rex sang and danced and did the Johnny Depp "open shirt and reveal …
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