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I'd never seen a grown man in a bathrobe. I'd never seen a grown man eat ice cream like a child, lifting each spoonful up to the light and admiring it before he put it in his mouth. I'd also never seen a celebrity in real life, and didn't entirely understand the concept.

My brother and I were standing outside a TCBY ice cream shop in a little strip …

My best buddy, who is also single, has a single sister, and she says that Mitch's magic tricks are...well..very corny. Not so.

During the Super Bowl host parties, I accosted a woman at a hotel party who was wearing a _Stuff_ magazine placard, and asked: "My buddy just got two small dogs. He wants to name them after a '70s or '80s duo band. Do you have any suggestions?"Read more »

What better way to spend my summer vacation than to dress up as a ranger from one of my favorite computer games and go to "Comic-Con":,,20213067,00.html for five days straight in San Diego?

There is nothing better, of course! My party and I donned our armor, weapons, and the crazy personas that we dust off every July and brought a little of the Forgotten Realms to the Con.
Read more »

True story. My best friend from Buffalo, NY, was hanging out with Rick James and the Stone City Band back in the '80s. "Super Freak" was at the top of the charts.

I lived in New York City and was going to art school, so needless to say I was broke. My friend calls and invites me to meet her at 30 Rock to watch Rick James sing on …

I was lucky enough to attend one of the Super Bowls in California in the '90s. Now, I feel lucky for two reasons. One, Michael Jackson was the halftime show; two, John Travolta was in attendance.

During the halftime show, and a friend and I snuck down to the front row to watch Michael. One hell of a show! Eventually, security caught up with us, and we were asked …

I was 10. A family trip to always expensive New York City started with a night in a cheap hotel in Jersey. After my older brother and I overslept, our father pulled us out of bed and marched us through the door. He was of the up and at 'em attitude. We couldn't possibly see enough of the Big Apple if we slept past seven o' clock.

I rubbed …

On an October Tuesday, I was in the Atlanta airport on a layover. I needed a snack, so I wandered down the concourse to find something. I saw a nut store.

I moseyed over to the shop, where a tallish, 50ish man and four twenty-something boys stood in the line in front of me. The man looks like a washed-up wanna-be rock star--he's got frizzy black hair, white snakeskin …

A few years ago, I worked in the pro shop of a gym on Chicago's Gold Coast. One day, a rumor was going around that Michael Jordan was coming in to work out. This was exciting to me because, by coincidence, I had brought several of my basketball cards to work with me that day to show one of my coworkers.

Maybe I could get him to sign the …

A lot of people have heard "Allen Ginsberg": read his poetry--and many, like myself, have his recordings on their iPods. But how many people can say that they peeked through the banister as a child and saw him holding court in their own living room?

I turn 50 this month and feel blessed that when I was a young child (maybe six years old?) Ginsberg joined my parents at …

Going out to Sunday-morning breakfast was always one of my family's favorite activities to do together. We would wake up an hour early, get ready, and go out to enjoy pancakes or eggs or whatever else we wanted. None of those times, however, compared with the experience we had one seemingly normal Sunday at IHOP.

When we got to the restaurant, we immediately noticed that everyone was a little …

The filming for Johnny Depp's latest movie was done in my hometown, and on my way to my friend's house I caught a glimpse of him through the heavy jackets of dedicated viewers.

The plan for the day was to mess around with our new "airsoft guns": in the backyard, and my friends had already begun by the time I got there. A neighbor overheard me complain about the …

Although I've never been lucky enough to see one of my favorite bands -- "Dispatch": -- live in concert, one of the band's original members, Chad Urmston, joined up with two different men in 2004 to form an incredible new group called "State Radio":

I can remember the first time I ever listened to Dispatch, in high school at my best friend Sam's house. I fell in love with …

When I first moved to L.A., about 10 years ago, I was quite broke and desperate to earn extra cash. I signed on with an agency that staffed "waitpersons" (<-- my effort to be PC) for movie-premiere parties.

Each party was themed to reflect the essence of the movie, and the costumes were always playful and fun. This time, for _Miss Congeniality,_ the costumes were those of beauty queens: …

On any typical day in my life, I tend to venture into realms of celebrity nation. I take photos. I mean, I am rarely without my camera.

This one night, my dear friend Chipster invites me out for a night of delight, as is always the case with him. So we are chillin' in this club, and along comes Damon. It's Homey D. Clown! (Just kiddin'--Mr. Wayans is a …

Eyes glued to the back of the recruit's skull ahead of me, I continued to focus through my peripheral vision. I didn't want drill instructors beheading me for looking around in an undisciplined manner before my turn to attack the obstacle course.

Smiling Marine officers ambled up to our platoon taking pictures. What in the world was going on?

A large hand clapped the shoulder of the recruit …

Hartford, Connecticut. A sophomore in high school. A famous band.

I had snuck a poster into the concert hall, folding it and wrapping it underneath my little black skirt, making it stiff and stick out. I got it through and made my way with my two best friends to the ground level of the concert arena.

Our tickets? For the nosebleeds. But we were determined to get as …

As he walked through the doorway, his body eclipsed the sun.

I was behind the bar washing dishes, my body folded over to reach the cramped sink. I spoke my usual greeting, and asked if he'd like a table. No, just some tea to go.

He approached, and I could see that he looked pleasant, but much taller than our usual customers. I gave him the list; the …

The first time I met Mick Jagger was in 1978. My girlfriend Meryl and I had graduated from our funky wine-drinking, cigarette-smoking, hippie-teachered, rich-white-kid-with-problems "alternative" high school in New Jersey, and we liked walking around the city.

When we needed to use a bathroom, we went to a hotel, because they wouldn't kick you out like in a restaurant. We must have been walking around Central Park, because we …

When I was in college, I had lots of odd jobs. I took surveys in a mall, was a traffic flagger for a tree surgeon, a "flyer" at Saks Fifth Avenue, and eventually assistant to a loss-prevention auditor.

But some of my fondest memories were of my waitressing and bartending days. My sister and I had jobs at the Harley Hotel, the nicest Hotel in Willoughby, Ohio--known for …

So I used to work at the Wal-Mart in South Philly--automotive department, which is funny because I know nothing about cars. The department next to it was sporting goods, a department that generally didn't have any associates assigned to it at night. Lucky me, not knowing anything about sports, either, it was also part of my beat.

One night this old man, dressed from head to toe as this …
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