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I think I saw "Ken Loach": on the No. 2 to "Roundhay": this morning. He asked for a £1.60 fare and a child's fare and went upstairs.

I was very impressed by the idea of his using buses, unlike "David O'Leary":, who during his tenure at United in their _Spend, Spend, Spend!_ Era used to advertise, "I use a Day Rider" on First services. Maybe if he had used …

While living and working at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, I played pool with a stranger whom I correctly guessed to be Art Carney. We had a beer and a burrito.

When I asked him for confirmation of his identity, he told me I had a big mouth. I was 18, and knew him only from _The Apple Dumpling Gang._

_Sigh._ I did have a big …

The members of my music group had had enough of one another.

We were on the brink of success, having just recorded two songs for Mercury Records on their Smash label. It was starting to get airplay, and then the bomb dropped: Billy, our lead guitarist and singer/songwriter, was put in jail for raping a minor.

The full album, _Children at the Crossroads,_ was almost finished, and we …

I was back in L.A. for the second time in the same month. One of the hazards of being a freelance PR flack for Paramount. It was Friday night, and I was taking in a bit of dinner at a not-too-trendy West Hollywood nightspot, when River Phoenix walked in with a small entourage.

He and his friends chose a table not far from mine and, as he was waiting …

I'd had to go to the doctor to get a note saying I could fly.

I had glandular fever (picked up from an unwashed cup in a backpacker's hostel, not from all the Swedish blokes I'd been snogging) but was just well enough to fly halfway round the world, from Sydney to London.

So they put me in the "problem" row by the bulkhead, between two tiny babies …

During spring break 2002, I traveled to New York City for the express purpose of seeing a limited-engagement revival of Arthur Miller's _The Crucible_ at the Virginia Theater. The production featured Liam Neeson and Laura Linney as John and Elizabeth Proctor. _The Crucible_ is part of a clutch of what I consider the finest American plays (including Tennessee Williams's peerless _A Streetcar Named Desire_ and _The Glass Menagerie_).

It …

There are so many ways to remember Paul Newman.

What _I_ remember is the night I saw him with his wife, Joanne Woodward, at a restaurant in Beverly Hills. At the time, they'd probably been married 30 years. They were holding hands and talking to each other. Whatever he was saying was making her toss her head back and laugh.

I remember she once said that to marry …

He played guitar for the opening act at the first concert I ever went to. Three years later he was drunk and hitting on me in a restaurant in Wrigleyville.

It's weird--I didn't know who Chris Crocker was until I saw his face on the news.

I dropped my drink when I saw his face.

He was my friend, one I hadn't seen in years. Didn't expect to see him yelling, "Leave Britney alone!" on the news. Hadn't seen him since mallrat boredom was given up for college and a new type of boredom.

It's weird to …

Let me start by saying that I love "the Spill Canvas": So when I was interning at a concert venue/club in Atlanta, I was excited when I found out they would be there. And as I am also a member of the Spill Canvas Street Team, I signed up for a contest to go bowling with them before the show--which I would be getting into for free, thanks to connections.Read more »

I was one of the lucky ten who got the call. I had won first prize in a trading-card sweepstakes, and I had won an all-expenses-paid trip for two to L.A. for the FIFA World Cup final.

We boarded the plane in St. Louis for the first leg of an all-day trip, with a layover in Denver. Puttered around the airport, looking in the duty-free shops, not being able …

I was sitting in the lounge or library of our master's program. In walks one of the few extroverts--a fairly pushy, outgoing woman. She's talking a mile a minute.

The Fonz walked into the restaurant where she was. She chatted with him for a bit. He was checking out the university for his daughter.

As I was walking to get lunch on State Street, he was at the …

It was years ago, Phoenix in August, temperature on the tarmac above 127 degrees, and I was ready to get out of the desert if I had to hitchhike. Crowding onto the plane, I was pleased to find I'd snagged a bulkhead seat up front--but it was already occupied by a tall guy in a serious suit with dark shades on his face.

"Excuse me," I said, showing him …

I almost ran over Dennis Rodman while pulling out of the parking lot of the Orange County court.

Luckily, he was quite nice and just made a friendly joke about how he'd sue me if I hit him. I thank everything that is sacred to me that I _didn't_ hit him. I wouldn't favor being known as Rodman's Manslaughterer.

I'd been in an auto accident and was wearing a neck brace, but my husband decided it was time to get out. So along with a few friends and ours kids, we went to a Tigers game.

We were sitting on the third-base line, and I had been warned about foul balls, but I was more intent on keeping two boys in line so that everyone around us would …

There was a club once in Washington, D.C. It's no longer there. I drove six hours there to see my favorite band play a concert.

Arriving early, I peeked into a door and saw them. The "Crüxshadows": were warming up. Luckily, I was early. I got to meet them! I stood for prime spots at the stage in the center.

Every time Rogue hopped into the crowd, he …

Ever have such a crush on someone that you talk to his friends in hopes that he'll come by and, by default, talk to you, too? That happened to me.

A Thursday night, dining alfresco in Seattle with my husband, during the week of the Sub Pop 20th Anniversary Fest. My favorite band is Flight of the Conchords. My favorite show (most of the time) is _Flight of the …

At 16, I swam in a meet with Olympians.

Cullen Jones, Gary Hall Jr., Ryan Lochte.

My friends and I went to a "Fatone Family Foundation": fundraiser a few years ago. We were walking toward the entrance and we saw Joey Fatone and Lance Bass standing outside talking with a few other people.

I stopped and looked over toward them once and said, "Is that Lance Bass?" My friends looked and agreed. I turned again, looking to make sure. As we were walking by, I …

After a divorce, I moved to a place about as far from Oklahoma as I could think of: the state of New York. People from the South imagine that New York is a place separated by distance and culture to the point where there is no common ground on which to build.

I ended up living in Peekskill and found an apartment, which was a real accomplishment. Employment was …
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