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I had seen his stout performance in _No Country for Old Men_ just the night before. I was watching my dog Berlin jump up into a tree in Manhattan's Lafayette Park when a guy in a ski cap came by and started marveling aloud at my dog's athletic feats (he jumps and climbs quite high into trees). It was Woody Harrelson!

Alas, having lived in New York City for 17 years meant that the celebrity-encounter protocol of "don't ask, don't tell" was still in full effect. He was very tan, possibly stoned, and full of wonderment about Berlin's abilities. Read more

I once sat next to actress Phoebe Cates's half-brother on an airplane. He probably was not on her payroll, given his cud-chewing presence with me in the cattle-car section. We were flying NYC/JFK to Berlin. I think he lived in Los Angeles. That was the last I saw of him, Mr. Seat 26B. We are not getting married.

Rushing toward MOMA, years ago, I was nearly knocked over by a large hat and enormous mustache on an interesting-looking older man. He was exiting a yellow cab on the side of the street with a flourish I'd see again only in Europe years later.

I caught my breath and said hello to Salvador Dali. He responded with a very soft "Yes" and swept passed me, almost hitting me with his walking stick.

I now love his art more than ever and understand the rushing colors and movement in each picture. They are him.

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