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Nineteen ninety-five was a year for adventure. Signing with an O.C. casting agency, I was able to work on a film in L.A. Part of the movie was being shot in LAX's international wing. My part as an extra was one of four airport security people. We were outfitted with official uniforms and badges. Before the filming began, the assistant director told me to go to one of the trailers out in back on the tarmac and get my uniform. I asked which one, and she said, "The one with the brown stripes."

I walked out to the row Read more

Back in 2002, I was at my favorite watering hole, "The Yale":—a famous blues club in Vancouver, Canada—when Jim Belushi walked in. He was standing behind the bar across from me, waiting to do a few numbers with the band, so I struck up a conversation with him.

He was in town for the filming of _K-9: P.I.,_ and coincidently he had been walking his dog that afternoon in my neighborhood, where some of the scenes were shot. We chatted for a while and then, just as a fresh pint of beer was delivered to him, he was called Read more

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