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I was eating with friends at Chaya Venice. As I came inside after a cigarette, I held the door open and let an older couple exit. I entered and looked back through the etched glass to the street. I turned forward, eyes looking down. All I saw were brown shoes and the cuffs of crisp slacks.

Startled, I stopped, gasped, and shuffled to the side. My eyes followed the pleat up to his torso, then up the breast of his jacket to his face and bald head. The man was tall. The man was John Lithgow.

I apologized; Read more

I was stuck in a driveway off Sunset Boulevard, my right-turn light blinking timidly. A naturally cautious driver, I scooted out one inch at a time, watching as car after car flew past. Just when I felt the bleakest, when Los Angeles felt the most cruel, a brand-new bright red sports car came to a full stop, its driver waving me ahead of him and into the lane with a gallant sweep of his hand.

It was John Lithgow. Now, this might not seem so extraordinary, but consider this: That same week, another skittish driver of my acquaintance was Read more

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