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I was leaving a Sears department store in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1960 when I noticed a phalanx of police, reporters, and people gathered as a parade of sorts. So I thought, Who is coming down the street?

The streets and sidewalks began to fill up to the doors of the store. I needed to get home, so I pushed my way toward where my car was parked, but I was carried away by the enthusiasm of the crowd, into the street and up to a Cadillac convertible, which had what appeared to be some celebrity inside. As I was Read more

I once sat next to actress Phoebe Cates's half-brother on an airplane. He probably was not on her payroll, given his cud-chewing presence with me in the cattle-car section. We were flying NYC/JFK to Berlin. I think he lived in Los Angeles. That was the last I saw of him, Mr. Seat 26B. We are not getting married.

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