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We landed in a helicopter on a pier in the Hudson, took a taxi to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, scribbled some notes for an art class assignment, headed over to Broadway to get something to eat at a deli, saw Jimmy Durante sitting at a table, gawked, and asked for his autograph.

"C'mon, girls. Sit down and have a bite with us."

We were 16 and victims of a Catholic girls' school education, so we smiled, said "No, thank you," and dashed out of there. Our brush with celebrity was just that: short, sweet, and shining.

I must be clear: I'm a Dennis fan—saw him do stand-up in college, bought a few of his shows on CD, and have even tried to quote him when his intellectual sarcasm seemed to fit. I'm one of the scant few who liked his tenure on _Monday Night Football._

I have not one but two Dennis Miller encounters, both in Santa Barbara, California, where I think he still lives with his family.

Dennis and his young son are in line a few people ahead of me at the local Blockbuster. He's got a pile of movies, and Read more

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