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My daughter and I went to a health expo. This was a great event for a lot of people. I did not realize entertainers were scheduled to arrivie after everyone had time to take in all the booths. My daughter knew, but didn't share this with me, since she wanted me to be surprised.

I decided to run to the rest room before the time I thought we would leave. I re-entered the exhibit hall and heard my daughter yell to me, "Watch out, Mom!" I turned quickly on the step and almost ran into Robert Urich, one Read more

So I’m standing at the counter saying good-bye to my friends Mary and Primo. It is the last day of the season, and I’m making my final purchase at their general store, which won’t reopen until spring. I look at the man next to me, and it takes only a half second for me to realize that it is Jim Belushi.

I can feel my heart race, my head pound, and beads of sweat gathering like dark purple clouds before a summer storm. This is ridiculous. I don’t even know Jim Belushi. I can’t even name one movie he’s Read more

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