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Back in very late 1991 or early '92, I found myself working part-time for a newspaper called _Long Island Jewish World._ I was asked to attend a meeting of some big-time Jewish organization in Manhattan. The featured speaker was Bill Clinton, then governor of Arkansas and one of the "six-pack"—the half dozen Democratic candidates running for president.

I was unenthusiastic, being a supporter of the more left-liberal Tom Harkin, but after all I was being paid to cover the meeting, so off I went. Clinton began by talking about his ties to the Jewish hospital in Little Rock, then Read more

During the 2000 Republican National Convention in Philly, I actually worked for the Republicans. At 2:30 each day of the RNC, I turned my donkey tail and ran a few blocks south to a defunct armory, where I bartended at the Republican party’s parties.

The highlight of my week of double shifts came on the day Jeb Bush spoke during an afternoon party. The governor of Florida looked like a bloated Dubya doppelganger as he took the podium, which was covered by colorful garlands. Governor Bush’s hair was parted on the same side as his brother’s, though his face Read more

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