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Although at the time I wrote to Norman Mailer I was a 36-year-old rounder, con man, and literary hack, I pretended to be an 18-year-old cheerleader named Buffy. He wrote back and extolled the virtues of my story "New Jersey Turnpike," which I had sent him.

After I few months, I revealed my true identity. He still continued to write. Said that his favorite author was Tolstoy and that (at the time) he was wrestling with a "great beast" of a novel (later to become _Harlot's Ghost_).

He offered to let his literary secretary read over my novel Read more

My friend Alex was working for the as-yet not officially announced presidential contender John McCain. He hooked me up with an invite to a cocktail party at Bloomberg News to celebrate the release of McCain’s memoir, _Faith of My Fathers._ It was a star-studded affair with luminaries sipping champagne and eating shrimp wrapped in bacon as the author signed books and greeted well-wishers.

As I looked around at my peers in the room while basking in my future glory, I spotted him: The Man. The Myth. The Mailer.

He was sporting an enormous Band-Aid across his forehead. I Read more

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