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As a teenager, I was a big Duran Duran fan.

A few months ago, after an interview, I walked crosstown in Manhattan in the 50s. As I was crossing Broadway, I saw a tall, slender guy with spiky blond hair and bright green pants carrying a large Build-A-Bear bag, with a smaller Henri Bendel bag inside. He looked slightly confused. It was Simon Le Bon!

He was walking with a petite woman, perhaps an assistant or family friend. I wanted to say something, but feared looking like an old fool (well, older—I'm 38). I watched him cross the Read more

When I was about 15 years old, I stood on Fifth Ave. in New York opposite St. Patrick's Cathedral, waiting to meet up with two friends coming in from New Jersey. We were going to see the Matthew Broderick movie _Ladyhawke._ While I was waiting, I saw George Michael and Andrew Ridgely of Wham! walk by me, and I froze in excitement.

When my friends showed up soon after, I told them that I had just seen Wham! and that they were walking downtown. We finally caught up behind them, and followed them for a good 20 blocks or Read more

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My mother and father came up from Florida to meet my husband, Don, and me in New York City. Our trip from California was uneventful, and the hotel was cramped and small. We had an agenda full of places where we wanted to eat and things we wanted to do.

Don had gone out at 1:00 that morning to eat and listen to jazz at the Village Vanguard. The city was popping with soccer fans who were celebrating Brazil's victory that day in the World Cup.

So what to do with parents in New York? We decided Read more

Some celebrities save lives. Nipsey Russell almost took mine.

I was young, inexperienced in the ways of fame, and easily starstruck, walking the streets on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, tethered to Grandma’s sturdy hand. I thought I was safe.

My worldview was narrowly illuminated by the nurturing glow of television. At the time, one of my favorite programs was _Match Game,_ a game show of minor celebrities that routinely slid from good taste to rude innuendo. It featured such guests as Gary Burghoff, Eva Gabor, Charles Nelson Reilly, and Julius “Nipsey” Russell, who parsed reality in rhyme, simple Read more

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