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It was a typical Saturday afternoon, and I was on my way to the French Quarter (this was two years before Katrina). I headed on the streetcar toward my job at the now defunct Tower Records.

How I loved riding the streetcar. A relic, the streetcar was one of the highlights of living in one of the most traditional cities in the South.

So there I was in the sweltering heat, waiting with confused tourists attempting to get off the streetcar. I was ready to feel that fresh breeze from the mighty Mississippi to wash over me like Read more

“Ah, Ray Charles—it doesn’t get any better, does it?”

I looked up from a crouch to see who was offering unsolicited opinions on my holiday shopping, assuming I would give a friendly nod and move on down the aisle, when lo and behold…

Elvis Costello wasn’t watching the detectives. He was watching me peruse the music DVD selections at the Union Square Virgin Records, and he approved of my selection.

“He’s one of my mom’s favorites,” I said, acting nonchalant while wondering if Costello wears the black-on-black suit and tie every time he leaves the house, even Read more

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