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I was at Film Forum and had seen Natalie Portman and Gael Garcia Bernal in the crowded lobby before we took our seats. My male friend swooned a little. After the movie, I made my way to the narrow bathrooms and knocked into Portman with my bag while we were negotiating the area around the sink. Apologies were exchanged, and I went off into the night.

It was a typical Saturday afternoon, and I was on my way to the French Quarter (this was two years before Katrina). I headed on the streetcar toward my job at the now defunct Tower Records.

How I loved riding the streetcar. A relic, the streetcar was one of the highlights of living in one of the most traditional cities in the South.

So there I was in the sweltering heat, waiting with confused tourists attempting to get off the streetcar. I was ready to feel that fresh breeze from the mighty Mississippi to wash over me like Read more

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